April 12

When I began thinking about offering as a candidate there seemed to be many seats in municipalities, District Education Councils (DEC) and Regional Health Authorities that were vacant and no one offering as a candidate. Currently out of all the municipalities, there are 12 where elections will not be held due to lack of candidates; vacant positions may be filled, but no elections will be held.

For Regional Health Authority positions, either vacancies are filled or there will be elections. By contrast when I look at the DEC s there are six sub regions where there are seats and no one offering in those areas. I find this interesting but not sure why there are not candidates offering. I know that education is as vital in our communities as health services. I don’t know if this is an abnormal election year. Perhaps it is parents who normally express interest and they are more tired and busier this year with the pandemic. As we are not blessed with children of our own, volunteering for education or school related activities is not a volunteer area that I have given much thought. The population of NB is aging and health is of concern to “us seniors” . Without quality education will we attract or retain our young people in our communities?

These were just questions that wandered through my thoughts today. In future posts maybe I will talk about some of the reasons I have been involved in community activities and volunteer work in general. If someone has the answers to some of my rambling questions, drop me a line; in the meantime it is just food for my thoughts.

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