Our communities priorities

Since deciding to offer as a candidate, I thought I should learn more about the communities in other areas. I have been looking over the needs assessments and the most recent report against those priorities.  I found both the data on the areas, the priorities established and the results achieved very interesting. Below I haveContinue reading “Our communities priorities”

What does the Regional Health Authority Board do?

The successful candidate for the Regional Health Authority will join the board for the Horizon Network. The Board is mandated “to control and manage the business and affairs of Horizon strives to build and maintain strong and effective relationships with its communities through open public Board meetings on matters relating to the general governance andContinue reading “What does the Regional Health Authority Board do?”

April 9

Nominations closed today at 2:00, there are three other candidates offering for this subregion. This subregion covers areas from Hoyt, Fredericton Junction, Central Blissville, Geary, Hanwell, west to Brockway and McAdam and as far north as New Denmark and Nictau. It includes Upper Kingsclear, Zealand and Burtts Corner but not Keswick.