First meeting thoughts…

Wow, am I glad I spent the last seven years before my official retirement working at Service Canada in a section called Strategic Services. It’s like Cheryl O’Toole and Raelene Graham- Theriault trained me to be ready for these meetings. It was an excellent first orientation session for me and I cannot wait until WednesdayContinue reading “First meeting thoughts…”

Q. Why are you running and also comment on the “pandemic”

I received this email request today. I decided to post my response as maybe others questions where I stand. Quote: “I understand you are running for the Regional Health Authority in my region.  My family and friends are looking to decide who to vote for in the upcoming election.  Can you please comment on whyContinue reading “Q. Why are you running and also comment on the “pandemic””

Its hard to talk about yourself

Last week I was contacted by a journalist for Brunswick News. She let me know that the Bugle Observer will provide, as a public service to readers, an opportunity to meet their candidates through municipality, district education and regional health authority profiles for the May 10 elections. I was asked to provide the following information for my partContinue reading “Its hard to talk about yourself”

Details about voting in the municipal election

In New Brunswick, you have the choice to vote in at least three locations. You can vote at your assigned polling stations (ordinary or advance) or at any Returning Office.  To find out where your polling office is click here.   If you are not sure when or who you can vote for simply searchContinue reading “Details about voting in the municipal election”

National Volunteer Week

Today’s blog post is a thank you to all those who volunteer either formally or informally. April 18-24, 2021 is National Volunteer Week. A quote from volunteer Canada expresses my thoughts so well. “The National Volunteer Week theme for 2021, The Value of One, The Power of Many, reflects on the awe-inspiring acts of kindness byContinue reading “National Volunteer Week”