Why RHA?

I have read the Horizon Health Network Strategic Plan and would like to be a part of those conversations.  

I too believe that good health lies at the heart of our daily quality of life. Service requirements change as we age and it’s important to recognize those needs and the differences that health services can make.

I am recognized as a hard worker, as enjoying challenges and not afraid to tackle difficult situations.  My background in client service, program delivery and operational issues as well as assisting users to adapt to change should provide me with a foundation for understanding the perspectives and issues that will be put forward.

What is a Regional Health Authority and what do board members do?

In New Brunswick we have two Regional Health Authorities (RHAs),  Vitalité Health Network and Horizon Health Network. They have a broad mandate to deliver health services within New Brunswick. Horizon Health Network’s Board of Directors is comprised of 8 elected members and 7 members who are appointed by the Minister of Health. I have put my name forward as one of the elected members. The two RHAs are responsible for managing and delivering a variety of services including Hospital Services, Community Health Centre Services, Extra Mural Services, Addictions and Mental Health Services and most Public Health Services. Services are offered in a variety of settings; at hospitals on both an in-patient and out-patient basis, at home, in schools, in clinics and in other community settings.

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